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A large mural created by young people of York in care.

Become an interviewer

Do you want to help make sure the right person gets the job?

When the City of York Council is hiring staff to work with children and young people, it’s important that young people are involved. Your experience of accessing services is invaluable to help make sure the right person gets the job.

Where the council is recruiting to roles like social workers, independent reviewing officers, social work managers and more, they will look at how young people can be involved. This could be having a young person’s interview panel where you can interview candidates separately, or it could be a young person sitting on the professional’s interview panel.

After all the interviews have taken place, the professionals who are also interviewing will listen to your feedback and a decision will be made on who will be offered the job.

Before taking part in the interview panels, you’ll be given training and support from Speak Up.

If you’re interested in taking part, Speak Up would like to know! Get in touch on email: [email protected]. Speak Up will add your name to the list of young interviewers and we will be in touch when we have a panel coming up that you might like to be involved in.