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A large mural created by young people of York in care.

A young person’s guide to Corporate Parenting

When a young person is in care, the council acts in place of your parents. They care for you and do all the things for you that your parents normally would. However, it is not one person who is responsible for this, but the whole of the council.

Every Councillor, Director of Children’s Services, social worker and teacher have a responsibility to treat all young people in care the same as they would treat their own child.

Corporate parents will make sure that you can achieve the best of your ability and have the tools or resources that you need to thrive and help to reduce any barriers that you may face. The council will work together with other services that may support you, such as the NHS and schools, to make sure you get the support you need to lead a successful life.

Our Promise to you as Corporate Parents:

  1. Make sure you have stability in your life - you feel settled, you know where you belong, you feel accepted, and you have lasting relationships.
  2. You are given a choice about decisions in your life.
  3. There is a clear plan of your care - you are aware of big events in the future, and you are supported in these changes.
  4. A positive mindset - someone you can talk to, trust and someone who will stick with you.
  5. Someone who listens to you - acts on what you say needs to change and takes your views seriously.
  6. Promise to keep you safe and make sure you feel safe where you live.
  7. Make sure you know your rights as a young person - you know where to go for support and who to go to when you disagree.
  8. We will help you from being discriminated or challenged against because you are care experienced and help you stick up for your rights.
  9. Support you to become independent - we will support you into adulthood to make sure that you have all the tools you need to grow and thrive.
  10. Ambition - we want you to achieve the best and have a meaningful life, what is important to you is important to us.

We promise to be loving, caring and aspirational to every young person in care and care leaver. We will act as your advocate; we will listen to your views on what is going well and what needs to change. We will do our best to stick by our promise to you and will make progressive change for things that may not be working well and things that need to change.